Armada Modern

In 2008, designer, print maker, and typesetter Nikolas Wise asked me to contribute some poetry to a design exercise. He produced a single-run literary magazine that showcased the poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, design, and photography of a dozen writers and artists he knew personally, and called it Armada Modern. Little did we know at the time, but Armada Modern would come to represent an ongoing venue for artists, writers, and friends to showcase not only their own work, but the work of others who inspire their taste and style.

(For all the fancy ways to say it, though, Armada Modern is a place where creative friends have been coming together in one form or another for years to share cool stuff they make and cool stuff they like.)

In its various forms, Armada Modern has been a magazine, a collaboratively curated visual and verbal arts blog, and a Soundcloud account showcasing playlists and mix tapes composed by various members. Future projects include ventures into digital publishing and beyond. (And for those curious: The portrait of Joseph Beuys became an Armada signature when we were discussing potential names––a favorite of which was "Joseph Beuys Looks Like a Dried Up Persimmon.")