Many literary magazines don't allow submissions to be previously published online, even on personal sites, but here are a few poems to give you an idea of my non-copywriting writing. My most recent publications include"The Atomic Ark" in Tahoma Literary Review, vol. 2 no. 2, Summer 2015, and "Aftermath" in Rattle, issue #43, Spring 2014.

Dear Amelia

I hear you were a widower
in South Jersey back when

you––the word resurfaced
makes me cringe, but––

after the crash. Irene Craigmile
Bolam was your nom de mort

and how I hope she wished
to say Yes, it's me, I am

who you think I am. But
we hardly ever get to say

such things; the stranger
who approaches swearing

someone else's name and,
at the last second, recoils.

I hear you swam for it,
made land, and died

in the shade of a palm tree.
They found your bones only

to lose you again in Fiji. In
this story you do not want

to be found, but they say
your skeleton makes

engine sounds from inside
a misplaced box, content as

a nameless ghost of your own
small legend, having made it

across that sea, one way
or another.

You wouldn't know that
scene from Indiana Jones,

with God's almighty Ark
sealed away in a box

in a stack of boxes,
in a warehouse full

of boxes––but it's how
I imagine drowning.

I hope you have come
to rest someplace thriving,

where you are called home
by fish and corals and most

of all that you are being
always traveled, traversed.