Many literary magazines don't allow submissions to be previously published online, even on personal sites, but here are a few poems to give you an idea of my non-copywriting writing. My most recent publications include"The Atomic Ark" in Tahoma Literary Review, vol. 2 no. 2, Summer 2015, and "Aftermath" in Rattle, issue #43, Spring 2014.

Augury Elegy

When you leave the house
a Morse code of sparrows
watch from a telephone line.

Next to the freeway, smoke-
signal clouds of starlings
return to roost in the throat

of an abandoned chimney.
The world is never not
trying to tell us something.

The miracle of the fish
still alive in the pelican's
mouth. The pilgrimage

of seasonal migration.
Romans believed
the cacophonies of geese

were the conversations
of gods. You believe
the stray feather tea leaves

in the bowl of a fallen nest
have more to say than
everything happens

for a reason––but all
you see is the way a nest
is like two empty hands

cupped and waiting for more.