Marketing and branding projects

Just like you have friends you call family and homes away from home, Umpqua Bank believes that community goes way beyond borders. For customers, that means finding the same caliber of service whether they're in San Francisco, California or Point Roberts, Washington (look it up!). For the marketing team, that means delivering the same core brand values across lines of business and advertising venues--some with vastly different audiences and priorities.

This is a selection of projects across more than two years of work in-house at Umpqua,






Umpqua Commercial Bank print ad
What do you get when you combine a bank that boasts in-store yoga classes and a fleet of ice cream trucks with the serious business of, well, business? That was the challenge posed to me by Umpqua's Commercial Banking division, who needed a print ad that they could use to introduce Umpqua in new marketplaces. 




Pearl District
temporary signage

When a nearby business suffered a gas explosion that shattered the windows of our Pearl District store, we wanted to help the neighborhood keep cool under pressure--and provide a place to catch their breath. 






SMART sponsorship activation
"Playful" is one of Umpqua Bank's core brand tenets, and their partnership with SMART (Start Making a Reader Today) presented a great opportunity to let that playfulness shine. Event materials were designed to engage the whole range of SMART's audience, from potential donors and volunteers to teachers, kids, and parents. 

In-store campaign strategy and signage
For how essential money is to our lives, many people have a fraught relationship with their finances. That's why, in partnership with local agency Ditroën, I helped develop a core concept, execution strategy and assets for Umpqua Bank's 2016 in-store campaign focused on starting conversations with our customers. The "Let's Chat" campaign implemented messaging at every customer touch point to engage customers in a humorous, casual, and comfortable way that acknowledged the things we all avoid--and the benefit of taking those things head on.  

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Figuring the best way to start a conversation about procrastination was to lead by example, Universal Associates (Umpqua tellers) used these signs to encourage customers to hold them accountable: